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The quick start guides are our primary source for people new to the platform. While everyone should be able to read these guides, we highly recommend following along with the code samples that we provide.

In the guides, the following topics are covered

  • Introduction to the data model and terminology

  • Setting up a user with the necessary encryption artefacts

  • Creating an item and filling it with data

  • Learn the place of classifications in the system

  • Make a connection with another user and share an item

Before diving in however, we'll start with an overview of the different components within Meeco. One more note, if you want to follow along, you'll want to sign up for the free API Keys

Platform Overview

The Meeco platform or API-of-Me as we like to call it is a technology that is designed for everyone to store data and control how data is shared with or consent is given to other people or organizations that they trust.

At no point is information stored or accessed in plain text. It is only the client who can access this information inside a trusted execution environment.

To enable this, Meeco provides a number of services that can be used in unison to provide a smooth experience.

  • Vault – securely store and share data from your vault. Manage connections and relationships to others.

  • Keystore – store and retrieve keys used in the different encryption tasks.

  • Downloader – facilitates downloading and sharing of attachments

Note that it is possible to pick and choose any of the solutions above if you happen to have a solution in place already. For example, the Vault can be used without the Keystore if you already have another key management component in place.

API Keys

All requests to the API should contain an API key, which you can request for free


Currently, we have the following environments setup:

  • sandbox: allows you to experiment freely in an environment that is always updated to include the latest and the greatest


Services can be reached by appending one of the following:

  • /vault: Vault API

  • /keystore: Keystore API

  • /downloader: Download Engine API

Meeco Command Line Interface (CLI) Tool

All functionalities of the platform can be called by using the different REST APIs. To make live easier however, we have build a CLI tool that allows you to easily setup users and perform some basic vault activities.


A crucial feature in the API-of-ME is that we operate on a zero-knowledge basis. At no point is data submitted or stored in plain text on the server. To support encryption and decryption on the client side, we have made available the following client libraries:



It is super important that to know the right lingo and core concepts of the Meeco the platform to understand API-of-Me.

Learn Data Model & Terminology

Setting up Access to the Vault and KeyStore

Get access to the Vault by setting up a User and accessing the Keystore. Learn how to create, encrypt, decrypt and store keys with Cryppo, our Cryptography library that helps you get data serialized in Meeco's format.

Access Vault and Wallet

Cards, Slots and Templates

Now that you have access to the Vault, it is time to finally put some data in the Vault. Read the linked guide below to learn about Cards and how to use them. 

Create Your First Card

Classification Hierarchies

The Meeco platform has a very flexible way to tag information. Delve into classification nodes and schemes below

Classification Hierarchies

Connections and Sharing Cards Between Users

A User's data can only be decrypted by parties that the User allows. This is a guide about how to create a Connection with another user and how to share data with them so that they may be able to decrypt and read it too.

Connections and Sharing Cards Guide