Privacy Policy


Collection of Data

  • Meeco will collect and retain user’s (developer and/company) information as captured during the site registration process.

  • User information Name, Company Name , Country, Email Address and Mobile/Phone Number

  • Signup information is accessible by authorised Meeco employees who use this information to activate your developer account so that you can use the subscription keys to make valid API calls.

Data Usage

Meeco uses the collected data for:

  • Granting access to our development portal

  • Understanding the site usage and traffic

  • Sales follow ups

Sharing of Data

  • Meeco does not share or sell any collected data to any third party.

Who can see the collected data?

  • Meeco employees who are involved in the verification process can access the data provided on signup to the developer portal.

  • Encrypted Data that is stored in the Keystore & Vault is only able to be decrypted by the Developer, and is not able to be viewed by or decrypted by any Meeco employees or any part of the platform.